LED Lighting

Enjoy the outdoors longer thanks to atmospheric, sustainable and efficient LED lighting. When the evening falls, turn on the mood lighting simply with the push of a button. The cosy glow provides the ideal circumstances for sitting outside until the early hours.


Allow yourself more convenience and comfort and opt for sensors, which automatically operate your patio roof or awning. Always secure, even if you are not at home.

Patio heating

Thanks to the pleasant radiant heat, you can also enjoy the garden on cooler evenings and during all seasons. The stylish terrace heating spreads a comfortable warmth under your pergola or awning and is available in a white, black or anodized version.

Outdoor speakers / Bluetooth speakers

Time for extra atmosphere and cosiness. Listen to your favourite music outside on your terrace during a pleasant drink with friends or a barbecue with the family. The integrated speakers are very easy to operate through Bluetooth and made from water-repellent material.

Built-in socket

A built-in socket is indispensable nowadays for those who enjoy outdoor living. An essential charging point for those who want to use or charge their electrical appliances (such as laptops, kitchen utensils or mobile phones) outdoors.


Pentru solicitare de oferte personalizate nu ezitați să ne contactați. Informațiile de bază pentru ofertare sunt: modelul de pergolă ales, dimensiunile în plan, tipologie (stand-alone, sau cu racordare la construcție existentă).


B150 (XL)

Pergolă bioclimatică - lamele cu unghi variabil

B200 (XL)

Pergolă bioclimatică - lamele cu unghi variabil

B250 XL

Pergolă bioclimatică - lamele cu unghi variabil


Pergolă bioclimatică cu material textil impermeabil retractabil

B600 / B600S

Pergolă bioclimatică - lamele cu unghi variabil și retractabile / screen integrat
Pergola cu textil retractabil


Pergolă cu textil retractabil
Pergole bioclimatice retractabile